Wireless Emergency Call Systems

Wireless Emergency Call Systems

The SmartLine system is a versitial and simple to use wireless Nurse Call system which SmartLink product range.

SmartLine is simple to install and provides flexibility, making it perfect for sites where the wireless option is the optimum solution.

A wide range of wireless devices are compatible with SmartLine including wireless PIRs, wireless smoke detectors, wireless Reed switches, and a large range of standard wireless Emergency and Nurse Call points.

Compatible Wireless SmartLink Devices

Wireless Call Points Wireless Call Points Wireless Detectors Wireless Detectors Wireless Waterproof Pendents Wireless Waterproof
Economical & Portable

One of the important features of SmartLink wireless compatible products are their ability to add or remove radio detection devices easily, as required, eliminating costly installations. They also allow for easy portability when relocating devices. In the likely event of future site development where temporary reconstruction or maintenance of a system is required, wireless call points can be easily relocated shortening system down-time and saving money.

Nurse Call Applications

These wireless call points are an effective alternative to hard-wired, especially where cabling is difficult or expensive. Emergency, Patient/Wet Area Call, Staff Assist and Nurse Present Labels are also available to match the Australian standard for hard-wired nurse call.