SOHO PBX Phone Systems (Small Office / Home Office)

We only use the best when it comes to Nursecall Systems, That is why we use Smartlink Products Designed and Manufactured In Australia.

Our company provides installations, upgrades and maintenance services for PBX Telephony and PBX phone systems using VOIP. We also offer products, such as PBX Telephone Systems, PBX Phones, VoIP Gateways, and Memory Cards.

Contrary to a common belief that these PBX systems are expensive, we can show you that you can get enhanced communication for your business or for your smart home at very low prices with features and benefits that you could afford!

Please see below some of the applications for our PBX Phone Systems: Very small offices, home offices and smart homes Small and growing offices and larger home based businesses Multi-branch offices and businesses that need VoIP capabilities

8 Analog PSTN Line System – 24 Extensions


  • ISDN S/T(2B+D) interface or Analogue PSTN interfac
  • Digital Twin port design 4 Digital Twin Ports for 8 Digital Key Telephone
  • 8 POTS ports availabl
  • One system for Voice and Data Communicatio
  • Simple integration of existing analogue communication equipment under the ISDN environment
  • Compact A4 size with Quick connectors for easy installation
  • Share ISDN lines with high-speed internet access and voice communication
  • Full ISDN Features Support: Exchange mode/Multiple Device mode
  • Call Charge Metering Information. Caller ID – PSTN and ISDN
  • Direct Inward Dialling
  • Call Forward Internal/External
  • Call Waiting
  • MSN (Multiple Subscriber Number)
  • Sub-addressing
  • User to User Signaling, …etc
  • LCR – Least Cost Routing for call cost savings
  • ACP – Digital DoorPhone with Access Control features.

16 Analog PSTN Line System – 48 Extensions


  • Totally designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Automatic two-way voice contact in emergencies
  • Answers incoming calls remotely via Radio Key “Hands Free”
  • Latest surface mount technology manufacturing
  • 4 Programmable phone numbers
  • Automatic system test and Pill ReminderTimer
  • Inactivity Timer and Telephone Line failure alarms
  • Sits neatly under an existing telephone
  • Dementia monitoring capabilities
  • Contacts – monitoring centre, paging or telephones on or off-site.
  • Local and remote programming/control with full up/download capabilities.
  • Up to 250 hr (10-day) rechargeable NI-MH battery back up.
  • Automatic power fail and low battery reporting.
  • Wireless radio inputs plus hardwired inputs/outputs.
  • Supports separate codes for group (multi-client) identification.
  • UHF high security wireless devices.
  • Remote control features (eg. switch lights, doors, appliances, etc.)
  • Programmable Radio Devices (PIRs, Reeds, Smoke, Inactivity, Dementia, Man-down, etc.)
  • Programmable Contact ID, Ademco high speed or British standard DTMF
  • Complies with Australian Standards and manufactured to International IS09001 World Quality Standard

Maximum Specifications

ISDN PRI Interface


Digital key Telephone port


Maximum Extensions


LAN Interface 10/100 MBPS

4/8 Ports

Door Phone/Relay/Sensor


V.24 interface for serial printer or PC 115KBPS


Analog PSTN line


Single telephone port


Voice Mail/Voice Card


External music interface


Modem Port for remote Programming