The primary function of a monitoring and paging system in aged care is to contact a carer when the resident presses their Nursecall button for assistance, allowing the carer to be in immediate direct voice contact with the resident, without visiting the premises, through a SmartLink Medi-Call unit.

The Medi-Link Dialler Unit is particularly suited for these types of applications since it requires minimum installation time and provides a wide variety of functions. The Medi-Call Dialler Unit is a Telephone Based system that provides 24 hour emergency service at the touch of a button whether it is monitored on or off-site. Its wireless activation capability makes it an ideal system for elderly persons not wanting to be restricted in their movement around the premises.

We also provide Wireless and Hard-Wired Nurse Call Systems which can be customised to cater for any application. Depending on the requirements of the proposed system the designer might choose to have wireless in certain areas and hard wired in other areas where RF signalls are not desired.

The use of the latest monitoring software, SmartWatch XP, allows such establishments to monitor a wide variety of sites through a varying number of communication mediums. Its powerful features allow users access to a wide variety of functions ranging from report creation and accountability to SMS and Email.