Wireless Emergency Call Systems

The SmartLine system is a versitial and simple to use wireless Nurse Call system which SmartLink product range.

SmartLine is simple to install and provides flexibility, making it perfect for sites where the wireless option is the optimum solution.

A wide range of wireless devices are compatible with SmartLine including wireless PIRs, wireless smoke detectors, wireless Reed switches, and a large range of standard wireless Emergency and Nurse Call points.

Compatible Wireless SmartLink Devices

Economical & Portable

One of the important features of SmartLink wireless compatible products are their ability to add or remove radio detection devices easily, as required, eliminating costly installations. They also allow for easy portability when relocating devices. In the likely event of future site development where temporary reconstruction or maintenance of a system is required, wireless call points can be easily relocated shortening system down-time and saving money.

Nurse Call Applications

These wireless call points are an effective alternative to hard-wired, especially where cabling is difficult or expensive. Emergency, Patient/Wet Area Call, Staff Assist and Nurse Present Labels are also available to match the Australian standard for hard-wired nurse call.

Hardwired Emergency Call Systems

We only use the best when it comes to Nurse Call Systems, That is why we use Smartlink Products Designed and Manufactured In Australia.

SmartWire Nurse Call system is a dynamic hard-wired communications platform that allows for simplicity in the design, installation, maintenance and modification of hard-wired call systems in general. SmartWire complies with Australian Standard AS3811.

These benifits arise from the use of a communication bus, which loops from point to point thorughout an installation, linking all major components of the system. A single cable carries all the information required to display the condition of every call point, status indicator or alarm connected to the system.

Low cost cable and simple wiring makes a basic system extremely economic to design and install, but the same cabling and the same cabling will support sophisticated multi-functional systems, simply by connecting the appropriate devices to the bus.


SmartWire MKII system a next generation Nurse Call system with several new and advanced features such as Escalation type call points and AutoTex Anti-bacterial coatings for call points.


  • Low cost bus wiring either in loop or star configuration
  • RS-232 data interface
  • 240 call points per master controller decoder
  • Five call types (Emergency, Staff Assist, Patient Call, Wet Area call, Nurse presence
  • Complies with Australian Hard-Wired Nurse Call Standard AS381
  • Continuous bus monitoring and diagnostics (watchdog
  • Audio and visual indicatio
  • Standard 12VDC suppl
  • Escalation type call points that allow single intelligent call point to do the job of three separate call point
  • Special AutoTex AM antibacterial coatings allowing for easy cleaning as well as bacterial protectio
  • Inteligent call points that ignore a blank patient push socket if no plug is present on power-up of syste
  • Digital Display Units (DDU) that may be zoned with the use of Display Controller Interface
  • Common corridor Light setup on call points allows a single call point to activate all attached corridor light
  • Up to 32 SmartLite Displays that may be driven from a single SmartWire Master Unit using RS485

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